Best Performance

MCPredictum has accuracy that is ready to help loyal users get maximum profit and minimize risk.

Smart Trading

MCPredictum has an Indicator that can help trade both on the spot and futures markets with quality and accurate indicators.


the signal is already connected to cornix autotrade and the indicator generates a signal directly from the alert



Auto Direct

Analysis is not the main key to trading, therefore we need additional support to make choices in market movements.

Spot & Futures Market Global

Investors can manage multiple orders & their portofolios in order to get or make a profit, so as not to make the wrong choice.

Scalping Mode

Scalpers can get signals in trading on sideways, bullish, and bearish trend markets quickly.

Mid Term Swing

Swingers really want profits in the slightly longer term to be calmer in market entry and exit.

Daily Trade

the indicator will show a false signal in a bad market. to maintain trading psychology.

Update Version

indicator are always updated and feature improvements regularly to maximize profits in trading. 


Projects We Have Done

user friendly indicator
develop rsi indicator
signal sent automatically to vip telegram
develop a dashboard panel to see the overall trend of the market


We Are Best indicator developer Since 2008

Team Work

Committed and creative

Trading Advisor

Trust pays off


Somewhere on earth

Who We Are

Indicator developers are highly committed and prioritize integrity in smart indicators services to generate the best signals for scalpers and swingers in getting trading profits

Our Vision

To be the only best indicator with high accurate predictions

Our Mission

Develop intelligent indicators that help traders always profit to use in markets with advanced technology



Works very accurate already profited and already got great returns from the payment of the indicator. it works perfect!! glad i purchase the indicator. Thank You for the indicator!!

David Ang

Loyal Member

Trading for beginners like me is difficult if you have to study technical analysis for a long time. by buying indicators and signals here I just need to understand a little analysis.


Loyal Member

I have tried many indicators and this is the most suitable for me. very easy to use and I have more freedom of time after using this indicator, thank you for making this great indicator.


Loyal Member

I’m a businessman and your automatic signals make me have extra income outside of business. my business and my trading can go together. this cool indicator works for me.


Loyal Member

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